Laundrynerds aquires Pooja XWash Laundromat

Laundrynerds has aquired Pooja XWash Laundromat on February 7th, 2017 in all cash deal. The laundromat has been in operation for more than 2 years and has a good customer base. The laundry setup has been done by XWash group. The laundromat have equipments/ machineries from Ramsons.
This deal may turn out to be a big move from Laundrynerds as it will help them get more customers as they can now provide the best quality with minimum turnaround time.

About Laundrynerds

Laundrynerds has started their operations in July, 2016 and has been a good performer since. The main areas covered are Kondapur, Kothaguda, Hitech City, Madhapur and Gachibowli. They are known for their good quality and on-time deliveries. Customer feedback has really been good.

Directly from CEO

We are really happy with this aquisition and looking forward to serve our customers even better. We have had some cases where customer had some issues with the quality of certain clothes. We could not have done much at that time as we had a dependency on the vendor to whom we were giving clothes to. This is a major problem with aggregator model, you always have to be dependent on other and in sectors like laundry, it hurts more.
We were surely looking for better options to overcome this and we grabbed this opportunity as soon as we saw it. This move will sure help us improve the quality of deliverables and on-time too. The customer satisfaction has been our top priority ever and we will be making bolder moves in coming future to improve it. We want to be one stop solution for all laundry needs.